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Branding Strategies

Are your clients thinking about your company when it comes to their product or service needs, and if they are - what are they thinking? Whether you've depended on more traditional marketing methods in the past or just by word of mouth, there are things you can do now as a business owner to ensure clients aren't just thinking about you - they're thinking of you because they see you as part of the solution they NEED.

We can help you craft the strategies and communication pieces you need to ensure that happens.

Communication Plans

As much as we groan when we think about checking our own email, the fact remains that email continues to be the #1 way for a business to connect with their clients or consumers.

Yes, social media is important too, too, but both need to be part of your communication plan and strategy. We can help you put together a plan that will ensure you are reaching who you need to reach - and they are hearing what you want them to hear.

Smart Staffing Solutions

It's the age-old dilemma of the growing small business. You have too much work to do by yourself - but you have too much work to make time to look for help! And often, when you do, you end up disappointed in the crop of applicants you receive, or even in the candidate you ultimately choose to hire, who ends up quitting or leaving before you've even completed training.

We do things differently in our hiring and interview process. We take more time on the front end, but we ensure you know you're hiring high-quality staff members and employees.

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We help small businesses develop strategies for their branding, communications, and staffing needs.

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